Stephanie Smith is a running coach and full time mom, specialising in long distance running with a diploma in exercise science. Stephanie was one on the winners of our Prague Marathon Competition where she accompanied five other runners to Prague in efforts to raise money for the Kidney Beanz Trust. Unbeknown to everyone she had just completed her 5th Two Oceans Marathon with her PB Two Oceans time of 4:04, coming 9th and receiving a gold medal.

The Prague Marathon was Stephanie’s first international marathon and she came in the top 20 overall, our Kidney Beanz Team was so proud. Stephanie had many stories to share and one was that she had given birth to her baby only 9 months before the Marathon.

After the Prague Marathon she told us that she was attempting her 6th Comrades Marathon however with a completely different training schedule. She would train by running in the mornings and then spending time with her precious daughter as she ran with her in the pram every afternoon. The day of Comrades came and Stephanie completed her 6th PB Comrades Marathon in a time of 7:00:30, coming 9th and receiving a gold medal.

We are very blessed to have Stephanie Smith as one of our Sports Ambassadors, a humble person who we are going to see so much from in the future.